Dual diagnosis treatment for men in Salt Lake City is now available at New Roads Behavioral Health. It refers to the coexistence of a mental health disorder with a substance abuse problem. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both problems simultaneously and can be an effective solution for those struggling with addiction. 

Dual diagnosis treatment for men in Salt Lake City can be a great way to get back on the right path. The treatment available at New Roads Behavioral Health offers an opportunity to recover from mental health disorders and substance abuse problems.

How to Tell if You Have a Dual Diagnosis

New Roads Behavioral Health | Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Men in Salt Lake City

It is important to know the signs of a Dual Diagnosis, as it may be difficult for some people to identify the true signs. Dual diagnosis is typically diagnosed when a person has symptoms of both disorders, such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse problems. 

Since it can be diagnosed in children, teens, and adults, dual diagnosis stands out as a difficult condition to identify or control. Unfortunately, this is true, especially if you’re not already an expert in dealing with it.

A Dual Diagnosis might include symptoms such as: 

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Drug cravings and urges
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Persistent thoughts of suicide
  • Trouble sleeping or appetite disturbance
  • Negative thoughts about oneself, others, and life in general.

Each Dual Diagnosis is different, so it’s important to seek help and not try to self-diagnose. Some symptoms could indicate a different condition, and you could suffer for a long time before realizing that.

If the symptoms of your Dual Diagnosis are unbearable, it’s important to seek help right away so as not to make it worse by delaying treatment. Even if the only symptom is depression or anxiety, don’t wait–you need to address these issues quickly for them not to become bigger problems.

Asking for help is difficult, but one of the most important things you can do to get better and stay on track with treatment. The sooner you start addressing your symptoms, the easier it will be to recover healthily. 

Remember that no matter what’s going on–you are not alone! New Roads Behavioral Health is here to help you and your family.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Men in Salt Lake City?

It’s common for males to deal with substance abuse problems and mental health disorders simultaneously. However, when these two issues are combined, it can lead to long-term consequences like chronic homelessness or incarceration. 

New Roads Behavioral Health has provided clients in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area with Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Men. Besides treating substance abuse, we also offer tools for mental health recovery through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

How is it Different?

Dual diagnosis treatment can help you identify thoughts that trigger or reinforce your addiction. It also teaches skills like coping mechanisms to combat these triggers, which will reduce cravings and urges over time. With a focus on physical addiction and emotional issues, dual diagnosis treatment often leads to more rapid results than traditional treatments alone! 

There are different therapies offered at New Roads Behavioral Health, including CBT and DBT – learn more.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment is a new approach that simultaneously addresses both addiction and other mental health conditions, encouraging better recovery outcomes and improved life skills in dealing with day-to-day living outside of treatment facilities. 

The New Roads Behavioral Health Company in Utah specializes exclusively in Dual Diagnosis Treatment for men. Our exceptionally experienced staff will attend to your problem and find the treatment plan that’s right for your needs–and if we can’t help, then we’ll refer you to someone who does. It’s our goal at NewRoads Behavioral Health to see you come out a healthy and happy man.

What do Men in Salt Lake City Gain from Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

New Roads Behavioral Health | Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Men in Salt Lake City

Dual diagnosis treatment for men in Salt Lake City offers several benefits. These benefits include:

  • Increased Self-Awareness and Education 

With increased self-awareness and education, people can better understand themselves. They learn about their own needs, desires, thoughts, and behaviors with an awareness they did not have before. 

In addition to increasing self-awareness, many find it easier to make changes in response to this awareness. 

This is because they can understand their limitations and how best to work with them in the future.

  • Improved Interpersonal Relationships 

As people progress through dual diagnosis treatment for men, improved interpersonal relationships become a more common occurrence. This allows them to form better connections with others which leads to being happier and feeling safer.

Additionally, they can recognize their own needs and communicate them better with others instead of becoming frustrated or angry when those needs are not met. 

  • Improved Self-Esteem 

One of the most noticeable benefits that people notice after completing dual diagnosis treatment for men is increased self-esteem. Sometimes, a person’s self-esteem drops without them realizing and it takes such a diagnosis to realize they’d lost it and needed it back.

People who have had struggles with their self-esteem due to substance abuse can now feel like they’re a person of value, equal in worth as others around them. 

This is caused by the feeling that they are no longer judged or looked down on for their past mistakes but instead celebrated because they’re now on the right track. 

  • Reduction of anxiety or depression symptoms 

In addition to increased self-esteem, one of the more common benefits that people notice when they complete dual diagnosis treatment for men is reducing symptoms related to anxiety or depression. 

It’s been found that many individuals who have experienced these types of mental health struggles can better cope with their condition after completing this type of program.

Who can benefit from Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Men in Salt Lake City?

There’s no direct answer to this question as diagnosis needs vary from one person to another. But generally speaking, if you’re struggling with addiction and mental health problems like depression or anxiety, dual diagnosis treatment for men may be able to help. 

It’s also important that they are motivated enough to complete this type of program because, most often, participation typically lasts about two years. The common types of people who register for dual diagnosis at NewRoads Behavioral Health include people of all ages and cultures.

Individuals can be in their teens to seventies when they enroll at NewRoads Behavioral Health. The common types of people who register for dual diagnosis treatment for men in Salt Lake City include:

  • Male teens to seventies: People of all ages and cultures. 
  • Adult male children of substance abusers and addicts, people who have been in jail or prison for drug offenses before getting clean. 
  • Adult men who have been drinking heavily for many years and need help to avoid going back to addiction after they’ve completed treatment in rehab centers, detox programs, or jail/prison. 

There are various types of dual diagnosis treatment methods that can be used with these people: CBT, mindfulness therapy, motivational interviewing, and other forms of psychotherapy.

  • Adult males with an ADHD diagnosis want counseling or medication management as a part of their recovery from substance abuse disorder. Therefore, this group is typically given stimulants such as Adderall during their drug rehabilitation program.

In all cases, the NewRoads Behavioral Health therapists will talk about the symptoms and effects of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) & ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and how they can be managed. 

The NewRoads team also includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists & social workers that work with all types of patients.

How Does the Process Work for getting Help with a Dual Diagnosis Problem?

New Roads Behavioral Health | Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Men in Salt Lake City

The process of getting help for men with a dual diagnosis problem is as follows: 

Men will come to the NewRoads Behavioral Health Company and first fill out paperwork, and then they’ll have an interview with one of our professional staff members. 

The psychiatrist or psychologist can recommend medications such as Adderall if determined to help manage symptoms related to ADD & ADHD disorders. 

If, instead, another type of mental health treatment is recommended, patients are given information about what these treatments entail so they can decide whether these might be right for them. 

NewRoads also has group therapy sessions where people struggling with addiction issues can meet other recovering addicts and support each other through recovery together. Patients who choose not to participate in group therapy can still benefit from all the other services offered at New Roads. 

Participating in these sessions is a good way to strengthen and maintain sobriety, receive clinical support for overcoming addiction issues, get practical advice on coping with stress more effectively, and develop social skills that promote connections with others.

Dual Diagnosis Recovery is Possible at NewRoads Behavioral Health, Utah

Dual diagnosis is treatable. New Roads Behavioral Health in Salt Lake City specializes in dual-diagnosis treatment for men. It can help with a variety of mental health concerns, including addiction to alcohol or drugs. Contact us now to book your appointment for the program.