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Introduction to New Roads’ Family of Services

Our mission is to foster the development of happy individuals by treating our clients as whole and complex people who want to get better. We help them build value-based lives, both as individuals and members of a community.

Our researched-based treatment models combine the latest in addiction science with a cultivated community atmosphere, allowing us to guide clients through the recovery process with both efficiency and compassion.  

New Roads Behavioral Health offers three highly differentiated programs, each focused on a specific population. Our programs are results-driven, proven to provide better long-term recovery. Each program offers several levels of care: Residential, Transitional, Intensive Outpatient (IOP) with housing, IOP, and General Outpatient (less than 9 hours per week). Notably, each program offers psychiatric and addiction care. 

New Roads invests heavily in the training of staff, including front line staff, to ensure the ability to meet the unique treatment needs of multi-problem clients, enabling them to build a road towards a life worth living. 


"Forever Grateful"

Our daughter spent two months at New Roads and counts it as the best decision of her life. The experience & education & support & knowledge she gained saved her life.

Robyn Buckwalter

New Roads Opens its Day Treatment Program to the Community

New Roads Behavioral Health proudly opens its Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Day Treatment (a.k.a. a Partial Hospitalization Program) to the Salt Community.  Historically, this program was only offered to patients who had completed New Roads’ Residential Program.  After urgings from community partners, New Roads’ leaders decided to allow direct admission into the Partial program.  Now patients, who do not necessarily need 24-hour supervision, can participate in comprehensive behavioral health treatment during the day, while returning home at night and weekends.

 New Roads, with its highly-trained clinical team, specializes in treating patients with complicated behavioral health problems like Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Suicide Ideation, Addiction, etc.

Woman’s Road to Healing (WoRTH)

The Residential component of the WoRTH program operates at the Provo Residential Facility. WoRTH provides services to women with complex problems, specializing in treating women with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). To best address women struggling with multiple and complex symptoms, like BPD, suicidal ideation, Substance Use Disorder, etc.,

New Roads offers a comprehensive DBT program, which has been proven effective by more than 30 randomized controlled trials.

New Roads to Healing (NoRTH)

The Residential (RTC) and some of the Partial Hospitalization levels of the NoRTH program reside in the New Roads Provo Treatment Center. There, New Roads uses an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team to offer multi-disciplinary treatment, including psychiatric intervention, to male clients with chronic persistent mental illness, such as Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality, and Bi-Polar disorders.

Pathways To Healing For Men (PaTH)

The Provo Residential Facility houses the PaTH program, offering Social Detoxification, Residential, and some PHP levels of care. PaTH provides evidence-based and developmentally-specific Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and dual diagnosis treatment for young men.

National Institute of Drug Abuse states the best SUD treatment offers a plethora of services in a single setting. Embracing this, PaTH offers multiple treatment approaches, which offer clients various pathways to sobriety.

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Just when all hope was lost, I walked through these doors and found a new will to live without drugs. I could never imagine this day would ever happen. Thank you to the therapists, thank you to the mentoring staff, and thank you to my peers! I have found what it actually means to live a full life without the darkness of drugs.

Kari G.

Residential Program Graduate

DBT Clinician Certification from the Linehan Board of Certification

New Roads Behavioral Health is extremely proud to announce that our CEO and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Team Leader, Eric Schmidt, has received his DBT Clinician Certification from the Linehan Board of Certification.  

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