Behavioral Health Treatment Center

Behavioral Health Treatment for Chronic Mental Health Conditions (Such as Schizophrenia), Borderline Personality Disorder, Substance Use Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and other Mental Health Conditions.

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For many young adults, growing up with an undiagnosed or untreated mental-health or personality disorder can have a lasting impact on their development. They may find it difficult or impossible to maintain relationships, finish school, or keep a job. These struggles can, in turn, lead to substance abuse or other dangerous behaviors.


New Roads offers a therapeutic recovery center for young adults facing substance abuse, mental health concerns, and other psychological challenges.

With residential and outpatient treatment options, New Roads Behavioral Health can customize a path just for you.

Pathways To Healing For Men (PaTH)

At New Roads, we offer evidence-based residential treatment programs designed specifically for men of all ages. We can help you take back your power.

Woman’s Road to Healing (WoRTH)

We offer individualized, holistic, and effective residential programs just for women of all ages. This program focuses on discovery, understanding, and wellness to give you the tools you need to step into your future with confidence.

New Roads to Healing (NoRTH)

Sometimes we all need a little help, especially when our lives have been impacted by mental health conditions. At New Roads we support and guide young adults to achieve new levels of independence and personal fulfillment through comprehensive psychiatric care.

Outpatient and Aftercare

With a variety of treatment options and ongoing support after treatment, we can help. Our outpatient program is targeted toward individuals who are in their final phases of transitional treatment and those who do not require inpatient care.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy  Training For Substance Abusers

When: May 2nd and 3rd, 2019

Where: McMenamins Kennedy School, Portland, Oregon

All mental-health and substance-abuse professionals, as well as community advocates, are invited to attend.

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Just when all hope was lost, I walked through these doors and found a new will to live without drugs. I could never imagine this day would ever happen. Thank you to the therapists, thank you to the mentoring staff, and thank you to my peers! I have found what it actually means to live a full life without the darkness of drugs.

Kari G.

Residential Program Graduate

Recovery Is Possible

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