Daniel Henderson took his first drink at 13, he became an alcoholic at age 16, and by age 22 he was homeless and sleeping under a bridge.

The road to recovery for Daniel wasn’t easy, but it was possible. Here’s how he achieved a new, successful life of sobriety, with the help from the life changing team at New Roads Behavioral Health.The following is an article written by someone that was suffering from alcohol addiction, that was able to recover and is now living a sober life. 

“I became familiar with New Roads Behavioral Health when I was nineteen years old and working as a business development representative in the field. That is when I met the CEO Eric Schimdt on a tour of New Roads Behavioral Health. I was super young and had no idea what I was doing as a business development representative so I lasted about sixty days in that role. 

About six months after I lost that position I had a mental health breakdown when I was about two years sober and ended up in a psych unit in LA, I knew what I needed to do and checked myself into long term residential treatment at The Discovery Center in Salt Lake City. The price of care was too high while I was there and I had to transfer to a different treatment center immediately. 

So, I went to New Roads Behavioral Health. They were beyond welcoming when I came into their program. I was assigned a great therapist and clinical team. I was able to process some really dark PTSD there and really get back on my feet. 

After I left New Roads I went back to work in the field. On one of my days off I went hiking and fell 200 feet off a cliff in Salt Lake City. I died that day, suffered a traumatic brain injury, had two collapsed lungs and broke numerous bones. Due to the advances in science I was able to have my heart shocked so it would start beating again. 

New Roads Behavioral found out about this right after this happened. The CEO Eric Schimdt immediately jumped into action. He sent an email blast to all his staff telling them to visit my family in the hospital and donate to my GoFundMe. He personally gave money and spoke with me every couple weeks throughout my recovery from a traumatic brain injury and all the broken bones that came with it. 

He not only helped my family and myself in my health. Eric took it an extra mile and continued to mentor me in my career in the addiction and mental health field.

I am now a marketing representative for New Roads, have helped save dozens of lives suffering from addiction and mental health conditions, spoken all over the country on these issues, been on the news nationally, been on numerous podcasts, and hold a 3.6 GPA at the University of Cincinnati. 

I am also five and a half years sober, mentally stable, and happy.

New Roads Behavioral Health | Finding A New Road: Daniel’s Story

         Daniel Henderson opening for Andy Black, Speaking non Addiction and Mental Health

My eyes have been tearing up while I write this letter. I love this facility. They helped save my life twice and helped me in my career. I cannot say enough good things about this program.”

His story is amazing and we are lucky to have Daniel now working with the New Roads Team as a marketing Representative. He has helped save dozens of lives suffering from addiction and mental health conditions. Thank you for sharing your story Daniel!

Stories like Daniel’s are the reason that New Roads Behavioral Health Exists. Our mission is to foster the development of happy individuals by treating our clients as whole and complex people who want to get better. We are fortunate enough to have helped Daniel, and watch him share his inspiring story.

New Roads does not stop there, though, we specialize in treating patients with PTSD as well. 

PTSD Treatment Center In Utah

New Roads Behavioral Health is the preferred PTSD Treatment in Utah for both adults and adolescents.

Clinicians at New Roads are trained in EMDR and DBT PE (prolonged exposure from a DBT framework).

Both of these treatments are supported by evidence that has shown clients having a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms.

Treating PTSD at New Roads isn’t just about reducing PTSD symptoms, it’s also about helping clients pursue meaningful lives.

At our residential setting, we work with clients to stabilize any destructive or mal-adaptive behavior before they begin treatment specific for PTSD.

For some clients this may be a week or less of preparation and for others it may be a month or more. Building a strong foundation of healthy coping skills before starting PTSD treatment is essential as the treatment often will raise anxiety, distress, and urges to engage in unhealthy coping skills for the client.

Process groups and Seeking Safety groups supplement the trauma work that clients are doing in individual therapy. Phone coaching for our more distressed clients also plays an important role in supporting clients maintain and build on healthy coping skills while going through trauma treatment.

We have seen many clients improve significantly through this treatment process.  If you or someone you love is struggling with PTSD, please- reach out. 888-358-8998 or head HERE to get in contact with us.

New Roads Behavioral Health has locations in Salt Lake City, Provo, Cottonwood Heights, Utah. At each location is an educated staff with helpful programs that are inpatient and outpatient recovery programs.

New Roads offers three exceptional, different types of supportive programs for you. Do you want to stay sober? Then find somewhere or someone that will hold you accountable every week.

Whatever your needs may be, the best way is to contact with any questions!

You are in control of your own story and the statistics don’t matter. The decisions that you make from this point forward will assist you with moving forward.

The road may be long, but as you move forward defeating alcohol, you will start to crave alcohol less and less and it will become easier with each passing day. Not everything will work for you and by taking your time and evaluating what makes you happy (without alcohol), you can start the hike to the top of sobriety mountain by defeating alcohol!

Article Source: Daniel Henderson