Outpatient treatment programs at New Roads Behavioral Health focus on education. Outpatient is not necessarily an alternative to residential treatment, but rather another way to maintain and build the skills necessary to keep recovery going strong after residential treatment has concluded.  Outpatient treatment involves therapy sessions, group therapy, evaluations and classes to help keep clients on the road to recovery.

Masters-level therapists provide outpatient programs for clients to help maintain recovery. These professionals are trained, educated and experienced. They have seen first-hand how continual treatment can benefit clients. They are also trained to recognize warning signs or situations that may lead to a relapse. With their assistance, clients in an outpatient treatment program are set up to succeed in the real world.

Individual Evaluations – Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment program and aftercare offer individual evaluations to encourage skill building to stay on the road to recovery. These individual evaluations are geared towards educating clients on healthy habits. Individual evaluations can also include help to prevent using drugs and alcohol. When the client knows they are going to be held accountable for their actions outside of residential treatment, they are more likely to avoid relapse. This is one motivation for staying on the path of recovery in the real world. Outpatient and aftercare is a reminder of the hard work that was accomplished in residential treatment

Individual evaluations can also include mental health assessments and therapy sessions. Another course of action could be to re-enter treatment if circumstances make this option seem like the best course to keep on the road to recovery. With chronic relapsing diseases, it is important to have options available to avoid catastrophe. With the support of outpatient and aftercare, the professionals that oversee each client can guide them to the best support and advise them on treatment actions to take when they need it the most.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Treatment done on an “outpatient” level means that each client is responsible for scheduling time in their schedules for treatment. With intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) each client can manage their treatment schedule to be as often as they need. This is also a great course of action for clients that may not need medical supervision. Outpatient programs are designed to provide support but also help clients to regain some more “normality” in their routines. They can begin jobs, rebuild relationships and find new hobbies while still staying on the course of their recovery.

Other outpatient treatment options include General Outpatient (GOP), Basic Drug & Alcohol (BD&A) and PRIME for life (DUI Class). These treatment areas are designed to encourage and develop the skills learned in recovery and apply them to every aspect of life going forward.

Outpatient Treatment Programs and Educational Classes

Outpatient treatment programs also provide educational classes. These classes focus on learning new skills to help cope with the stressors in daily life. Learn about critical thinking errors, life skills, and family relationships. Building a foundation of education can help to ease some of the stress that life brings. One way to improve relationships is by addressing communication. Communications skills are one way to build and strengthen relationships.

Learning to communicate through adversity is one way outpatient treatment programs benefit their clients. When stress and anxiety are present, it is difficult to function normally. This is true for almost everyone.

Constant self-evaluation within the structure of an outpatient treatment program can help prevent major relapses. Each client has the opportunity to continually strive for positive change. By learning and developing these skills in an outpatient setting, clients will be able to avoid situations that would lead to using drugs or alcohol.

New Roads Behavioral Health provides treatment options for people with a variety of backgrounds. No matter what your background may be, there may be a time when a client needs a constant and on-going plan to stay on the course of recovery. Outpatient programs are the perfect fit to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you or someone that you love could benefit from an ongoing treatment program that they can manage with their current schedule, give our admissions team a call. We can help find the best treatment option. Outpatient treatment may be a good fit. 888-358-8998