Eric Schmidt Interview with ABC 4 Good4Utah

Have you ever heard the expression, “the proof is in the pudding?” Well, at New Roads, it’s true. Recently, the founder of New Roads Behavioral Health, Eric Schmidt, sat down with Reagan Leadbetter on ABC 4 Good4Utah Extra to discuss the culture of healing at New Roads.

With the rate of suicides on the rise, they discussed the importance of a company culture that embraces ongoing education, effectiveness, and caring. The options for effective treatment should expand as new research on the subject of efficacious clinical approaches increases. Unfortunately the field does not seem to keep pace. To combat this, the staff at New Roads is continually trained on emerging research addressing how to help people that suffer from depression, borderline personality disorder and other mental health issues.

By investing in the best at New Roads and keeping education as a focus, the culture for healing emanates through the staff and transfers to each graduate.

Schmidt says, “One of the things that keeps me attached to the mission and [keeps me] coming back every day [is that] we employ a lot of our graduates. About 1/3 of our staff are graduates.  I can walk down the hall every day and look and see those people.  Some of them were on the streets just a few years ago, some of them were in a psych hospital completely out of it.  Now those people are working for us and contributing.  It’s a great feeling.”

If you or someone you love is struggling, please call the professional staff at New Roads to discuss ways we can help: 888-358-8998