The treatment of drug addiction is really effective when a comprehensive and global perspective is applied. 

To achieve recovery when you suffer from addiction, it is important to solve some central problems that come hand in hand with being addicted, and that any person who performs treatment for addiction should perform.

Do You Think Your Problem Is Addiction? 

It’s not.

Our years of experience working in Behavioral Health Addiction Treatment in Salt Lake City has taught us to clearly identify the core of the problem that leads you to addiction.

Our job is to make it easier for you to know both the reasons that cause your addiction as well as those that will facilitate its resolution.

The addiction is a symptom, therefore our efforts are directed for you to know the real causes that are behind your addiction.

We help you to reconnect to your life, your family, and your work– in short to what you want the most.

There Is An Exit– We Can Help You!

Discover our individualized treatments.

At all times you will have a highly professional and multidisciplinary team with great human warmth.

Our New Roads Addiction Treatment in Salt Lake City is focused on you and the objectives you want to achieve.

For us, it is essential to respect your times and to set goals that you can reach– little by little.

We focus on your needs and the positive aspects of your abilities as a human being to help you find and overcome the causes that led you to addiction. 

Here are the most advanced professionals and experts in the treatment of addictions: drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, food, sex …

For many, talking about New Roads Behavioral Health in Salt Lake City is talking about the largest and best Behavioral Health Treatment center in the country.

Addiction Treatment In Salt Lake City

New Roads specializes in many different areas of addiction treatment. From alcohol and substance abuse to gambling addiction, New Roads Addiction Treatment Salt Lake City can provide individualized treatment for any situation.

Thousands of patients have successfully been restored at New Roads and if you want, you’re the next to recover!

We have psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, therapists, monitors and more at your disposal, to aid you in your recovery journey.

Our patients recover quickly without facing extreme withdrawal symptoms, to continue on a happy, healthy pathway.

We immediately identify the particularities of consumption and profile features of the addicted person. We act therapeutically in a non-forceful and personalized way to achieve fast and lasting results over time.

Gambling Addiction

We apply a studied treatment program based on a bio-psycho-social approach to modify the behavior of the gambler or addict.

We approach the addiction to the game in a multidisciplinary way focusing on individualized attention to the addicted person. We execute an excellent advanced vanguard model in the treatment of pathological gambling.

Other Addictions

Addiction to purchases, food, sex, work, mobile phone, technology … whatever your addiction, we can help you overcome it.

As a nexus in common, addictions affect the cerebral circuits of reward. Our doctors in psychiatry, experts in the study of the brain, modulate treatments from a scientific and contrasted vision.

We have the perfect resources to offer the most complete and personalized therapeutic solutions in the treatment of all types of addictions. We overtake other centers and obtain the highest recovery rates.

If you or a loved one are in need of help, learn more about our New Roads Addiction Treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah as well as our residential treatment options by calling 888-358-8998.