As you may know, addiction recovery is not an easy task.

It requires both mental and physical strength from you and your loved ones.

However, there are ways to make your road to recovery easier and less demanding! And who doesn’t want that right?

A major problem some people in recovery have is a preoccupation with their addiction.

You find yourself constantly thinking about relapsing. Remembering the substance abuse. Handling situations that might have prompted substance abuse in the past.

But there are positive changes you have, and can continue to make- to aid in this.

A great way to redirect your thoughts and energy is to spend time bettering yourself!

Here are some handy New roads tips to help you on your journey!


Learn a New Skill

Let’s be honest!

Every person has something that they have always wanted to learn but never got around to. I certainly have a few!

And these could be anything! Whether it was learning how to do laundry. Or learning a new language. Indulging in a basic craft.

Perhaps even developing a career-related skill, or just a fun hobby! 

Learning something new is always something for the plus column.

Consider taking a pottery throwing class, or joining a local book club! Maybe even finding a community class in learning Norwegian! 

The skill you chose is meant to broaden your horizons! Teach yourself new skills. Be creative, and stress just a little less!

The purpose is to simply better yourself.

We don’t want to spend anymore of our valuable time fixating on our addiction and recovery.

Putting too much stress on yourself, and never NOT thinking about the recovery, is a common cause of relapse.

Simply redirect and make your recovery easier by coming out on the other end knowing something new!


Volunteer for a Cause You Care About

Volunteering has been shown to benefit a person’s mental health and self-image.

Helping others makes you feel good about yourself while working to distract from your recovery process.

This shouldn’t be community service; pick a cause or position that you genuinely care about and enjoy, or the commitment may actually stress you out further.


Acquire a New Certification

For many people recovering from an addiction, finding a job can be more difficult.

Unstable financial situations are one of the many reasons people will turn to substance abuse and will certainly not help you as you work to recover.

A great way to give yourself a leg up in the job market is to get a new certification that may be required for certain positions.

For example, a food handler’s license, massage license, and a commercial driver’s license are all great investments for your future.

Real estate has become an increasingly popular field thanks to its relatively low barrier of entry.


Create an Exercise Routine

Physical fitness is important for addiction recovery.

Exercise causes your brain to release endorphins, which help to improve your mood and can make sobriety easier while benefiting your health.

It’s a simple change and can be implemented immediately for an instant benefit. Consider a fun form of exercise such as hiking, yoga, or dancing so that your health does not become a chore.

There is even such a thing as aquatic therapy, which incorporates swimming and water-based exercises into the recovery process.

Bettering yourself through self-reflection and positive change is an opportunity you should embrace during recovery.

Not only are you improving your future, but you are making your recovery easier and less stressful.

Between sitting around, thinking about your problems, and going out to do something positive that’s good for your health, there is no question which option is better for you, both today and in the future.

So get out there and try some new things. You will feel better, guaranteed.