Trust us when we say- there are so many great benefits to choosing the New Roads treatment center in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Utah has made a name for itself by offering a place for people all over the country to enjoy nature and recover peacefully.

Our New Roads Treatment Center location in Northern Utah (Salt Lake City area) offers tranquility and convenience for those in the West Coast and Mid-West areas of the U.S.

Between the natural beauty of soaring mountains, great weather, and the many options for outdoor sporting activities- recovery is more possible than ever.

Research shows that hiking, yoga, sports, and other forms of exercise can greatly increase the chances of a healthy recovery. Studies show that the great outdoors can increase the levels of dopamine during addiction treatment, and therefore can help fight cravings as they arise!


Popular Hiking Trails in Salt Lake City

It’s a good thing you chose New Roads Treatment Center in Salt Lake City.

We are surrounded by so many great hiking trails and other outdoor activities. To name a few:


The Living Room Trailhead, Salt Lake City

Perhaps the most popular trail in Northern Utah. This trail is a must see- and the perfect place to clear your mind during recovery.

Just a short 15 minute drive away from New Roads Treatment Center, this relatively easy and short trail takes the hiker right up to the top, where the thinly sliced rocks are set up in the shape of furniture.

Hence the name The Living Room trail. Sit back in your rock chair and enjoy the views and fresh air.


Avenues Twin Peaks, Salt Lake City

A little bit longer of a distance, at just 25 minutes away from New Roads Treatment center, lies Avenues Twin Peaks, Salt Lake City.

This is said to be one of the best places to simply “get away” from the troubles of life. This trial will aid you in your recovery mindset more than ever.

With multiple trails to chose from, at all levels of difficulty, you will find the end results with stunning views.

Surrounded by towering mountains and vast plains,  there are no regrets on this beautiful hike.

New Roads Behavioral Health | New Roads Treatment Center In Salt Lake City, Utah

Grandeur Peak, Salt Lake City

If you are looking for more into the grand scheme of things- the Grandeur Peak National Park is the best option.

Winter or summer, rain or shine, this beautiful National Park hosts some of the most impressive views that Salt Lake City has to offer. You can’t miss an opportunity to take a stroll on these trails.

Nothing says clean recovery, like clean air and magnificent views. Not to mention this park is only a mere 9 minutes away from the New Roads Treatment Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Popular Outdoor Activities in Salt Lake City

New Roads Treatment Center is certainly a huge believer in hiking and outdoor fun. It’s great for the mind, body, AND spirit.

Perhaps you enjoy hiking, but you also want to trickle in some other great outdoor activities?

Here are a few of the more well-known outdoor activities in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Snowbird Resort, Salt Lake City

Without a doubt, one of the most popular activities of the Salt Lake City locals is snowboarding/skiing.

Lucky for us, Salt Lake City offers plenty of great skiing/snowboarding options close by New Roads Treatment Center.

Snowbird Resort, for instance, is a short 22 minute drive from the treatment center. This resort boasts some of Utah’s most challenging cliffs, chutes, and hills for skiers and snowboarders.

But hey- even of you’re no expert, you can certainly find smaller, beginner hills to glide through at Snowbird Resort.


Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, Utah

Of course, let’s not forget the whole reason the name Salt Lake City came to be. The Great Salt Lake of course.

Whether your activity of choice includes fishing, hiking, swimming, boating, or more, the Salt Lake is the greatest place to do it all.

Not to mention Antelope Island State Park in the Salt Lake as well.

An island? In Salt Lake? Impossible!

Well believe it- Antelope Island is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake. Take a short, simple hike up to the water’s edge.

Here you can lay out a delicious picnic lunch, take a dip is the warm waters, or simply explore the island’s natural history.

The lake itself is just a short sweet 30 minute drive from New Roads Treatment Center in Salt Lake City.

Take a day with us and enjoy the beauty of recovery in nature!


Fifth Water Hot Springs, Salt Lake City

One of the most popular outdoor destinations in Northern Utah is The Fifth Water Hot Springs.

However, also the farthest drive from our beloved recovery hot spot New Roads Treatment Center, at about an hour and thirty minutes out.

We absolutely believe it’s worth the drive!

Between the hiking trail options, the luxurious feeling of taking a dip in a hot spring, or experiencing the hot springs Waterfall- there is not better place for sweet, sweet serenity than Fifth Water Hot Springs.

Take yourself, your camera, and recovery journal, and enjoy the eternal peace in your recovery here.

New Roads Behavioral Health | New Roads Treatment Center In Salt Lake City, Utah

New Roads Treatment Center Salt Lake City,Utah

The New Roads treatment process is like no other treatment center in Salt Lake City.

We have resources for those looking for help and a team of experts in each of those fields.

New Roads has programs to help with:

Our team of professionals includes those with years of experience with mental health and substance abuse training, as well as a full medical staff.

The greatest part of our treatment process is using dual diagnosis to help pinpoint the exact characteristics that need to be addressed in therapy and treatment.

Our residential treatment path includes group therapy, individual therapy, and other structured activities.

The goal of residential treatment is to give everyone a safe, comfortable environment to grow and learn! We offer 4 different programs here at New Roads, each specializing in different areas of healing.

To read more about our Treatment programs here at New Roads Treatment Center Salt Lake City, visit Our Programs.

Written by: Leah Roberts


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