Jodi Bowles is our Admission’s and Outreach therapist here at New Roads Behavioral Health.

Jodi comes from a really great background; great family, religious upbringing, etc. She is a mother of four and her story starts long ago when when she became pregnant at age 16, had baby number 2 at age 17 and was married shortly after.

Her first husband was an alcoholic, which resulted in a divorce, making Jodi a single mom and on the market. This is when Jodi’s friend introduced her to meth. Her friend told her that she had this really awesome drug that would give her lots of energy and make her really skinny. That was it. From the moment she took meth, she knew that it was going to be something that she did for the rest of her life.

Baby 3 and 4 came along a few years later and she would stop using while pregnant, and then once the babies came, she went right back.

15 years ago, Jodi was committing crimes, was extremely high, was with the wrong people and her life was shattered. During this time her children were taken away from her and one day Jodi wanted to go see her son who had recently been taken from her.

At the time, her son was staying with her sister and Jodi begged to see him.

She went over in a stolen vehicle and promised herself that she wouldn’t “get loaded”, and would do whatever it took to stay sober for just a couple hours so that she could see her son. Shortly after her arrival to see her son, she found herself in a bedroom behind a closed door doing drugs. Immediately her son was taken away from her and the devastation of Jodi’s choice was heavy on her heart.

“Not only for a couple of hours, for the love that I had for this little boy could I stay sober. And for whatever reason I said a prayer, and I said ‘please help’ and it was just that simple. I fell asleep that night, which was a miracle because I don’t sleep, and everyone went away, that morning I woke up to the SWAT team. When I opened the door, I said ‘what took you so long’, because I knew that my prayers had been answered”.

Her journey begins, and not only did she lose her children once, but she lost them twice. The consequences of her actions are now things that her children face in their lives today.

Jodi went thru treatment centers. She even had 5 years of sobriety. She went to school, got a degree and people believed in Jodi, but Jodi did not believe in herself. She struggled again with her addiction on and off over the years.

While Jodi was incarcerated, she was introduced to a  12-step meeting and she heard a message of hope. For whatever reason, she believed them and followed everything that they said.

Shortly after she came to New Roads just wanting to do some service. From there everything just blossomed to where she is today.

She has a full-time career at New Roads, and living a life she only ever dreamt of. She has her children and family back in her life and has been sober for 15 years.

Jodi’s story will change your life. New Roads is lucky to have her on board their team!

New Roads Treatment Centers is a drug treatment program in Utah that focuses on a dual diagnosis approach to helping drug addicts recover from their problems.

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