New Roads Sober Stories

Listen below to the following sober stories that took place here at New Roads.

Julianna’s Story

Juliana’s story begins when she was just 14 years old. Adolescent smoking and drinking led to an introduction to methamphetamine. During the day, Juliana attempted to hold a job and go to school. Her double life caught up to her and she found New Roads Behavioral Health to help her get sober.

Cheynne’s Story

This video is about sober patient, Cheyenne. She tells her story of where it all began and how New Roads helped her.
She now continues to live a happy healthy life and is employed by New Roads Behavioral health and works at their provo facility helping other struggling young adult women overcome their addictions. Cheyenne just celebrated 2 years sober.
Cheyenne is an inspiration to many! We hope you enjoy her story.

Amanda’s Story

Amanda’s story of recovery encompasses her journey through a family history of addiction. After promising to never follow the same path, a traumatic event lead her to substance abuse. When trying to stay sober and detox herself, she realized she needed more help than what she had found in the past. A friend recommended New Roads Behavioral Health.

Jodi’s Story

Jodi shares her story of being a mother of four and battling a drug addiction. After years and years of battling the mental fight, she finds hope. She is now living a life she’s always dreamt of and is over the Outreach and Admissions department at New Roads Behavioral Health.
Jodi’s story will change your life. New Roads is lucky to have her on board their team!

Chris’s Story

Chris Surlage shares is journey to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. After relapsing and joining a wilderness program, he met Eric Schmit at New Roads Behavioral Health. Listen to his story and find out what helped him learn the skills to be successful and healthy.

Jack’s Story

Meet Jack. He is from San Diego and just celebrated his sober birthday at New Roads. Jack battled substance abuse throughout his high school years and into adulthood. After being stranded in the wilderness for 60 days, Jack finds New Roads but wasn’t successful. It was until later on that Jack came back to New Roads and became sober. His story is amazing and we are lucky to have Jack now working on board with the New Roads Team.


Allye’s Story

Allye comes to us from San Francisco, and she truly is a miracle. She has been to over 14 different treatment centers, been homeless, and has fought her addiction battle since middle school. The day Allye made a change and found New Roads, was one of the darkest days of her life. Her mother found her on the streets, homeless, dirty, and not doing well. Allye asked her mother to find her help and together they found New Roads.


Natalia’s Story

Natalia is from Arlington Virginia and is celebrating almost 12 months sober here at New Roads. Natalia has been fighting her mental health since she was  a child, which lead into substance abuse throughout her early adulthood years. She tried treatment once and relapsed. It wasn’t until her boyfriend in treatment, that he overdosed and passed away. It was then that she decided to make a change with her life. That’s when her parents found New Roads and Natalia started seeing hope and value in her life.


Spencer’s Story

Meet Spencer. Spencer has been with New Roads for over 12 years and is our Chief Operating Officer. Spencer came to New Roads initially as an intern and recent college grad at age 40. Spencer suffered from alcoholism for years and spent some time in and out of treatment centers until he found the 12-step program that changed his life. Watch as Spencer shares his inspiring story with you.


Sober Stories - New Roads Behavioral Health Treatment
Sober Stories - New Roads Behavioral Health Treatment

Watch now! New Roads Sober Stories. Listen below to the following sober stories that took place here at New Roads. Juliana’s story begins when she was just 14 years old. Cheyenne tells her story of where it all began and how New Roads helped her and so many more stories.