Meet Cheyenne, she comes from a family of six.

From the outside Cheyenne and her family appeared “normal”, but that was not the case. Her story begins when she was 12 years old and she was hanging out with her friends and that is when she had her first glass of whiskey.

Her first experience with whiskey was so different and she felt a new sensation, and she instantly knew that she wanted more. By age 22 she was completely addicted to alcohol, dependent on mariuana and started putting herself in “not so great” and dangerous situations. Due to the trauma that Cheyenne was in, it fueled her addiction.

During this time in Cheyenne’s life, her family was also dealing with other issues. Cheyenne’s brother was suffering from the same drug and alcohol addiction that she was, and not long after did her brother overdose and pass away.

Because the death of her brother was so incredibly hard on her, things went downhill very fast and she was introduced to meth. At that point everything just fell apart for Cheyenne. She couldn’t keep any jobs, friends, or any sort of relationship. Things were not looking good.

The turning point for Cheyenne came when she was 23 and arrested. When the deputy took her in, Cheyenne immediately collapsed due to drug intoxication and was rushed to the ICU. When Cheyenne woke, she found herself handcuffed to a bed. She was later taken back to the jail and was given one phone cal.

Cheyenne knew how hard the loss of her brother was on not only herself, but also on her family and did not want that to happen again. She called her mother and only asked for help. Cheyenne’s mother did find her help.

She was taken to a treatment center in her local town and was not successful. Cheyenne left treatment 3 times in 3 weeks and relapsed each time. The treatment center was hard for her to accept, being that it was located in her hometown.

Not long after did Cheyenne and her mother find New Roads Behavioral Health in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The moment Cheyenne walked thru the doors she began treatment and was a very difficult client to work with, but New Roads stands true to there philosophy and knows that their patients will get better and Cheyenne did.

“New Roads Philosophy is that, New Roads holds the hope and fundamental belief that all clients will get better, and they take that very seriously. New Roads has provided me with a comfortable place to go thru the uncomfortable place of recovery and that staff of New Roads is incredibly genuine and dedicated to their positions… even down to the maintenance man”.

Today Cheyenne knows how to hold on to relationships and has lifelong friends and family who she trusts and loves. Cheyenne just celebrated her one year sober and currently works at New Roads Behavioral Health and loves everything about who she is.

Cheyenne is an inspiration to many! We hope you enjoy her story.

New Roads Treatment Centers is a drug treatment program in Utah that focuses on a dual diagnosis approach to helping drug addicts recover from their problems.

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