New Roads Behavioral Health provides a mens addiction treatment facility in Utah to help those struggling with substance use disorder. The program called “Path” provides support for recovering drug addicts, alcoholics or those suffering from addictions to other substances like opioids or prescription medications. By treating men at a facility, they have full access to our medical team and therapy to provide education on how to cope with each phase of recovery.

Admitting You Need Help

Often the most difficult part of finding treatment for addiction or other substance use disorders is actually coming to terms that treatment is needed. Finding yourself falling apart at the seems and thinking that the substance is helping you when in fact it is the catalyst for all of the negative aspects of your life can be hard when you are in the throws of dependency. The combination of chemical and psychological dependency is powerful. Many people don’t think they need help, they think they can manage small discrepancies and stay afloat. Unfortunately, too many people have to hit rock bottom before they realize that treatment is needed.

The realization of finding help can also be introduced by outside forces. Family members, friends, colleagues and other people in your life may point out the severity of the situation or notice changes in your behavior. Perhaps some of your loved ones have staged an intervention. It can be difficult to receive the information. It can be hard to come to terms with just where you are; but accepting help can ensure you get your life back on track.

Men’s Addiction Treatment Facility at New Roads : Path

Pathways to Healing is a program targeting men that have substance use disorders, addictions, alcoholism or dependencies on other substances like opioids or prescription drugs. Through the community model, therapy can begin individually, in groups and through a supportive community model. New Roads Behavioral Health staffs experienced, educated and professionals with both psychological and medical knowledge. The best of the best have come together to form a program that is individualized for every client. With evidence based practices in play, the hope for recovery and support you receive are second to none.

A holistic approach to treatment also provides opportunities for dual diagnosis and treatment of any other mental health conditions that may take a role in the use of substances. For some clients that have tried to gain control of addictions or chemical dependencies in the past and failed, there may have been other psychological or mental health conditions that play a role. Once these other issues are address, the road to recovery is better paved with education, tools and skills to provide a chance at long term success.

The mens addiction treatment facility is a dorm styled residential treatment center. Each client has responsibilities, structured activities and opportunities to recovery in a setting that allows growth. Changes are difficult to make; but by coming into a supportive community of people with an experienced team, all of the clients are taught to live independently and given resources to build a new life.

The Other Side of Treatment

Treatment doesn’t always have to be painful and intense. There are opportunities for recreation, activities, ping-pong, etc. There are organized outings off the premises as well to help bring some diversity. Other aspects of the Path program include:

  • Relapse Prevention Planning
  • Group Sessions
  • Medical Management
  • Transitional Treatment

The purpose of the treatment program is to build each client up and prepare them for life after treatment. Relapse prevention planning gives them the opportunity to address the topic of relapse. While this may seem like an awkward topic to cover; one must realize that substance use disorder is a chronic relapsing disease just like diabetes. By managing the symptoms and having a plan for different scenarios, clients can adequately prepare.

Group sessions and medical management are two other tools for gaining the education needed to recover from substance use disorder. The mens addiction treatment facility provides a great environment for other people to help support and lend their perspectives to the process.

Transitional treatment provides a slow integration plan to aid those entering the “real world” after treatment. By providing some level of support outside of treatment, your support system from the program stays with you. If odd situations occur and the client needs advice, they are left with a way to gain help and provided with the tools they need to stay the course of their recovery plan.

The Pathways to Healing program provided by New Roads is very beneficial for providing long term recovery for men with substance use disorders. The mens addiction treatment facility provides a residential level of care and long term solutions for long lasting recovery. All of the therapy and methods provided for those in the program are heavily researched. Only evidence based treatments are implemented to ensure the time spent with us will last.