Seven years ago this month, New Roads unveiled its Residential Treatment Center. The center added to the existing transitional services, creating a more integrated system of care at New Roads. The substance use disorder treatment community was excited about the new option. This eager anticipation was due, in large part, to the Eric Schmidt’s, the CEO, previous roles in the treatment community, especially his service as the Executive Director of the largest addiction treatment center in the state.

As mentioned above, the Residential Treatment Center at New Roads enhanced the already operational Transitional Treatment and Outpatient programs, affording clients multiple opportunities to step-down in intensity depending upon their treatment needs. Moreover, the design allowed clients to step-up intramurally if they encountered relapse.

New Roads now has several programs. The one housed at the Residential Treatment Center, along with its transitional component, is now called Pathways to Healing (PaTH). The program still today offers service-rich and co-occurring enhanced treatment programs, designed specifically to address the developmental needs of young adults. It is aimed to foster the molding of responsible, self-sufficient, contributing, and happy young adults by providing effective and evidence-based programming, in which participants embark upon new healthy roads of life. This is achieved through the above-mentioned treatment continuum, which includes residential treatment, sober apartment living, intensive outpatient, and outpatient. Because the focus is upon young adults, building mastery of life-skills and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills is essential. Thus, these are offered at every level. Each of the programs boasts multifaceted individualized treatment programming that encourages clients to grow at their own pace and ability. The evidence-based therapeutic strategies, provided by seasoned staff, provide coping strategies used in the “real world” which allows our clients to have experiences that will ensure their continued success.

Dr. Kevin McCauley, MD, joined our team a few years ago. He has served primarily in a program design and quality assurance capacity. He is a leader in the Substance Use Disorder field, traveling all around the world to lecture and review treatment centers. Here is what he says about New Roads, “… I am so very, very proud to be a part of the New Roads family – I’ve never been prouder of and more confident in any treatment center I’ve ever worked in my life. I have no trouble “marketing” New Roads when I travel to lectures, and I tell everyone I can about the fine care you deliver. I will always admire your professionalism, and if I ever manage to sneak my way into a psychiatry residency the things I have learned from you and watched in you – from the clinical team to the mentors on the front line – will form the foundation of my bearing as a mental healthcare provider. I hope I will always be able to work on teams as superb as the one at New Roads.”