New Roads Behavioral Health offers a variety of programs for both men and woman. One program that has been extremely successful for woman’s drug rehabilitation is the program we call WORTH. WORTH is specifically designed to help woman that may struggle with substance abuse or mental health conditions. The treatments that we use within this program focus on building a life that is worth living and making it possible for the graduates that complete the program to find success in the real world. Some of the key factors that make this program so effective are the different stages in treatment, support from our team and the high level of care we give to each client.

Woman’s Drug Rehabilitation

The WORTH program focuses on a few key elements from a specific therapy called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. This therapy was designed to help those diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) but the skills learned are very effective for helping those with addictive behaviors. When helping those with substance use disorders, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy can be very effective for the recovery process as it focuses on helping build skills to keep emotions in check, think mindfully through stressful situations and building relationships. So why does this help in a rehabilitation situation? By focusing on these skills, rehabilitation will not only help detox the client and give them a support system; these programs will also give them all of the education and skills to live independently and successfully after treatment. For woman that enter the program, this is extremely valuable to ensure they can build a life outside of treatment.

Learning to Love Yourself

Many clients that enter New Roads’ WORTH program struggle with their self image. They may even exhibit self harming behaviors and have struggled with thoughts of suicide. These are very heavy concerns that tread deep into the very core of each person that walks through our doors. One thing we try to ensure each of our clients is that we care. We care about your struggles and acknowlege that the path to recovery is one that is filled with hurdles. With each step it is important to recognize how much you are truly worth.

Gaining enough confidence in yourself through the process of treatment and rehabilitation can be the difference between gaining that new life you were looking for or taking a step backward. Through it all, you can have confidence in this program. All of our programs are based on evidenced based research. Each treatment is studied, tested and researched. Woman’s drug rehabilitation treatments produce long term recovery. Our staff is trained extensively and they have a great deal of experience working in the field.

Making Treatment Work For You

Each person that enters into treatment has their own story. They have their own combination of experiences and trials. The admissions team and professionals that help each person as they begin their journey can make sure they find the correct path. Realizing that each person is so different, the programs are altered to fit individuals and grow with them as they progress. With transitional programs and outpatient therapy, the support in treatment can carry through to each phase of recovery.

When entering the treatment program, it’s important to remember to keep your mind open. Changes are hard, but they are better accepted with a positive outlook. The WORTH treatment program not only helps build skills with therapy but it also involves each client in a positive community that encourages health and happiness. When clients enter the program, there can be a lot of negative thought patterns that have been in the way in the past. These negative thought patterns can inhibit positive thinking and get in the way of developing relationships with others. Group therapy, recreation and creative expression are all outlets available as part of treatment.

Finding treatment for woman’s drug rehabilitation will not only help to identify and correct behaviors that may be destructive, but it can also give prospective clients new perspective into their behaviors. By learning more about each clients unique experiences, the diagnosis process use may even uncover other possibilities for treatment and recovery. The admissions team at New Roads Behavioral Health is committed to providing the best solution for each patient. If you have questions about a rehabilitation program for you or some one you love, don’t hesitate to call our team to discuss your options. 1-888-358-8998