Allye comes to us from San Francisco, and she truly is a miracle. Allye’s story begins when she was in 6th grade and stole alcohol which landed her at the hospital, sick with alcohol poisoning.

Shortly after, while in middle school she discovered marijuana. Allye was only 12 years old and was smoking pot before and after school.

A few years later Allye had her wisdom teeth taken out and was prescribed a pain killer – which she took the entire bottle in less than 24 hours. She told the doctors that the pain killer made her sick and hoped that there was a different one she could try, so the doctor prescribed her another pain killer. Now Allye had 2 bottles of painkillers and also was smoking weed – trying to recover from her wisdom teeth surgery.

She shortly became addicted to Opioids. Her life was controlled by opioids and she transformed into a whole different person.

Allye went to her first treatment center when she was 18 at a place in Arizona that was for 30 days, which was not long enough for her. Shortly after returning home from treatment, she went straight back to her old habits.

Going to treatment centers and then falling back into her old habits became a regular routine for Allye, resulting in her going to 14 different treatment centers.

Later on, Allye became homeless and was introduced to meth and completely lost her mind. She was officially a drug addict and homeless.

At this point in Allye’s life, she was willing to do absolutely anything to get help. She didn’t have health insurance, she had no parent support, no cell phone, no home and no money.

One day, Allye found her mom. She told her mom that she knew that she wouldn’t help her anymore but explained her situation to her. Her mom told her to call her the next day and she would discuss a few things with her dad.

Allye’s parents did decide to help her and got her some health insurance. They did some research and fell upon New Roads.

“New Roads was unlike any other treatment center that I had been to. One thing that I knew, was that I needed a treatment center that was longer than 30 days where I could have a fresh start and try something new and have support for a long period of time. The day that I arrived at New Roads, I was so unbelievably grateful. I never thought that after everything I had been thru, that I would have the chance to go to a good treatment center again; I didn’t deserve it. When I got here, I took every suggestion given to me and I was so grateful that the staff instantly and genuinely started to care about me and I created a great group of friends.”

New Roads taught Allye how to get a job, how to have sober fun, go grocery shopping, and even go back to school. She decided to stay in Utah and still stops by frequently to say hello to everyone. She now works at another treatment center locally and is happy, healthy, and doing amazing.

Thank you for sharing your story Allye, we love you!

Watch Allye’s story here.

New Roads Treatment Centers is a drug treatment program in Utah that focuses on a dual diagnosis approach to helping drug addicts recover from their problems.