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New Roads Behavioral Health

New Roads Behavioral Health is the preferred Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment in Utah for both adults and adolescents.

Treating PTSD at New Roads isn’t just about reducing PTSD symptoms, it’s also about helping clients pursue meaningful lives.

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How Does new roads treatment center utah treat ptsd?

Our focus on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Dual Diagnosis allow us to help our PTSD clients build a strong foundation for a bright future. Clinicians at New Roads are trained in EMDR and DBT PE (prolonged exposure from a DBT framework). Both of these treatments are supported by evidence that has shown clients having a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms. DBT was developed specifically to provide that kind of support, and is widely recognized as one of the most useful treatments for PTSD individuals.


  • How to cope with a traumatic event
  • Skills to monitor mental state and regulate emotions
  • How to manage prescriptions medications
  • How to set and reach realistic goals
  • Acceptance and Happiness
  • Mindfulness & Meditation

What Can You expect from this PTSD treatment center?

At our residential setting, we work with clients to stabilize any destructive or mal-adaptive behavior before they begin treatment specific for PTSD. Through recovery, each client learns life-long skills to aid them in independence, confidence and a stronger sense of self. These skills are cultivated and developed through hard work and compassionate care.  

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For some clients this may be a week or less of preparation and for others it may be a month or more. Building a strong foundation of healthy coping skills before starting PTSD treatment is essential as the treatment often will raise anxiety, distress, and urges to engage in unhealthy coping skills for the client. Process groups and Seeking Safety groups supplement the trauma work that clients are doing in individual therapy. Phone coaching for our more distressed clients also plays an important role in supporting clients maintain and build on healthy coping skills while going through trauma treatment. We have seen many clients improve significantly through this treatment process.

The New Roads Treatment Center  Difference

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There are more than a few treatment programs in Utah that offer mental health and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment. New Roads Treatment Center is the best resource for those searching for a recovery path for their loved one. Our Utah treatment center is designed to treat adults of all ages. The locations in Northern Utah (Salt Lake City area) and are very convenient for those in the West Coast and Mid-West areas of the United States. Often, an environmental change can help accommodate the PTSD treatment process. Utah has made a name for itself by offering a place for people all over the country to recover. Utah also creates the perfect environment for those in recovery because of the unique blend of city and urban lifestyles. You can be in the city and then a short 30-minute drive will put you in the mountains on a scenic hiking trail.

Personalized ptsd treatment programs

Our team may also offer a complimentary assessment to help identify the best course of action and offer a completely customized treatment program based on the individual’s needs. With the expertise of our helpful team, we can suggest the best option for recovery that lasts. We care about every person that walks through our doors. We’ll do our best to ensure you can achieve your goals.


Looking for help can be difficult.  But contacting New Roads PTSD Treatment Center Utah is easy. Simply call & talk with our admissions team. We can set up a tour of the facility so that you can get a feel for the environment!

dual diagnosis ptsd treatment center

Part of our treatment process is using dual diagnosis to help pinpoint the exact characteristics that need to be addressed in therapy and treatment. Our residential treatment path includes group therapy, individual therapy, and other structured activities. The goal of residential treatment is to give everyone a safe, comfortable environment to grow and learn.

More About The New Roads PTSD Treatment Center In Utah

Outpatient and Aftercare

For some PTSD sufferers, outpatient care offers enough structure and support to help them get their lives back on track. This program combines individual/group counseling sessions, and more. One of our therapists will help each individual assess their situation, identify their particular challenges, and build a customized treatment plan.
New Roads to Healing (NoRTH) is a program built to support, encourage, and inspire young adults whose development has been impacted by severe mental health conditions. With the proper assistance, individuals struggling with PTSD and other mental health conditions can achieve independence, and a quality of life that was previously thought to be impossible. Clients live together in our NRTH apartments, and follow a program designed both to support their continued recovery and prepare them to re-integrate into the world beyond treatment.

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New Roads Behavioral Health | PTSD Treatment Center Utah | New Roads Behavioral Health SEO Page
New Roads Behavioral Health | PTSD Treatment Center Utah | New Roads Behavioral Health SEO Page

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