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Substance Abuse – Finding the right help

Many people that abuse substances are using drugs or alcohol to cover a more severe mental health condition. At New Roads Behavioral Health we treat the whole person. By utilizing the Dual Diagnosis process, we can more effectively help those with substance abuse problems overcome their dependence and regain control of their life. Our residential treatment program involves intense therapy, group therapy, family therapy, recreation and access to trained medical staff. We also have fully trained medical staff and counseling for loved ones. Substance abuse is a serious issue that needs to be addressed with great care. Many people don’t see that they have a problem or they feel they are in control. Many times clients have a hard time coming to terms with accepting treatment. Family members and friends are often the ones that bring the problem of substance abuse to the users attention. Our team is highly trained to help people even in the most extreme cases. We have the best in the industry working for New Roads. Our treatment programs are evidence based and proven to be effective. Self medicating often occurs with people that are suffering from a mental health condition that has gone undiagnosed or untreated. Because of the severe psychological pain involved with these kinds of disorders, those effected often find that drugs and alcohol help them function at another level than what they are used to. These people aren’t necessarily abusing substances to get “high,” they may be using just so they can get out of bed or numb the pain they are feeling. With the right treatment and by learning the right skills, there is hope for every person to overcome their dependence upon substances and find their life worth living again. Even those with the most severe mental health disorders and conditions can learn to cope with the right skills have lead a very normal, healthy and happy life. We offer a variety of treatment options. Call us today for a free assessment. You may also schedule a free tour of our facilities. We offer residential, transitional and outpatient programs. 888-358-8998
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