New Roads Dual Diagnosis: Making Treatment Work

The New Roads Dual Diagnosis is the practice of digging deeper into the diagnostic process to help treatment resolve undiagnosed or complex behavior patterns in relation to a mental health concern and often substance abuse. For those effected by mental health concerns, abusing drugs and alcohol may be one way to self medicate. About one third of those with a mental health concern experience substance abuse. For those that drink and use drugs, the likelihood of a co-occurring mental health condition is much higher.

Because of this strong relationship between abusing substances and mental health concerns, the importance of dual diagnosis can lead to more effective treatment. Finding the correct diagnosis can also help the person effected to learn the right skills to properly cope with stress, emotions and anxiety.

New Roads Behavioral Health combines an expertly trained medical staff with a great psychological and therapeutic treatment options to provide the best atmosphere for recovery. The process of Dual Diagnosis relies heavily upon combining he intense strength of rehabilitation through therapy and a team of medical professional trained to ensure the safety and health of each client. Each individual struggles with their own levels of addiction and dependence on substances when they enter treatment. It is this combination of talented and well trained staff that ensures each person can find the road to recovery.

With the right help from trained professionals, the diagnosis can help each client find the skills they need to regain control of their life and begin the process to independence. The freedom to live without other harmful substances is irreplaceable. Transitional treatment is also available to ensure the hard work done in rehabilitation is solid .

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