Specialized Care For Each Individual

Our team of highly skilled professionals have extensive experience with even the most severe cases. We won’t give up on you.

About New Roads Behavioral Health’s
Mission & Therapeutic Philosophy

Our mission at New Roads Behavioral Health is to foster the development of happy individuals. The people that engage any level of care at New Roads have integrity. When learning about treatment at New Roads, you will find the therapeutic modalities we utilize are evidence based. Our clients are responsible, self-sufficient, and actively contribute to a better future for themselves and the community. The journey to a healthy life begins with our affordable programs that are specially designed with each of our clients in mind. New Roads treatments could be the answer you or your loved one has been looking for!

Adults challenged with mental health, personality disorders, substance abuse, and other psychological and behavioral problems can experience a great deal of pain as they try to face each day. Our motivation comes from hope that every one can have a happy, healthy and successful life. This is possible with a little help from those who care. Our team of highly trained professionals aims to help each and every person that enters into care here at New Roads Behavioral Health.

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