New Roads is excited to wish a happy sober birthday to Aubrey Richards. Aubrey is New Roads, IOP Program Director/Utilization Review Care Manager and is celebrating 15 years sober. We are so lucky to have her on board our team.

To celebrate Aubrey’s sober birthday, here is a short biography of Aubrey’s recovery.

Aubrey’s Recovery Story 

Aubrey was born into a very loving family here in Utah. Her parents divorced at a young age of which led to depressing times. At the age 9 Aubrey came across some pills in her mother’s medicine cabinet that she would use to fill the hole of despair. Little did she know, that the pills were a controlled substance and would be the first of many substances that she would used to escape.

By the time she was 16 Aubrey was smoking and drinking on a regular basis. High school was difficult and she barely graduated. After graduation is when she was introduced to methamphetamines.

Meth became Aubrey’s drug of choice and she was using it daily in large amounts. Life became unmanageable. After losing a job, getting in default on her mortgage, and wishing life would end she reached out to her mother for help. At the age of 22 Aubrey went to her first drug and alcohol treatment center.

After a short period of sobriety Aubrey relapse and things got worse. She went into treatment again, however, relapsed immediately after treatment. This relapse led Aubrey to a life of demoralization. Her last year of using she was homeless and basically doing whatever needed to feed her habit. Criminal activity was her only resource to keep going. Finally in January 2002 Aubrey was arrested and sent to jail.

It was during that jail time that Aubrey reflected on the course of her life. She had been introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous back when she went to treatment and thought maybe that could help. Aubrey reached out to a friend she had met in treatment and asked if she would be her sponsor.

After Aubrey was released from jail she starting doing all the things she had learned from treatment. She actually put action into work to stay sober. On June 11 2002 Aubrey had a slip in sobriety and drank with a friend. The experience led to an epiphany moment where she knew if she kept drinking she wouldn’t be able to stop. Luckily she did and has spent the last 15 years building a life of purpose.

Over the course of the last 15 years Aubrey has gone back to school to earn a degree in social work. She has worked in treatment centers for the past 13 years in some sort of capacity and currently works at New Roads Behavioral Health. She enjoys being part of the process to help others onto their road of recovery.

Today Aubrey has a family of her own who she adores. She loves playing with her daughter and trying new things. Sobriety has brought her a happiness that she thought was impossible to achieve. Today she lives life on purpose. She knows no matter what becomes of life she can get through it as long as she stays sober.

If you are wanting to change your life like Aubrey did, call us today (888) 358-8998. We want to help you!

Happy Sober Birthday Aubrey!
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