DBT For Family

DBT For Family

Welcome to the New Roads Family,  Your loved one has just started their treatment journey and we understand how difficult and challenging this time can be for their family members. It’s important to remember that while they are working on improving their lives and behaviors, the relationship..?The team would like to invite you to participate in our weekly zoom family support groups and workshops hosted by John Garbett with Craft Connect Family Services.

While your loved one is learning about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and the skills in our program,

New Roads Behavioral Health is partnered with Craft Connect Family Services, an organization that uses research based models and skills to help parents, spouses and families improve their relationships, communication and self awareness.

we host a family DBT workshop called “DBT Goes To The Movies” which offers an introduction and teaches the application of the DBT skills and techniques. This workshop is only for New Roads family members (no clients) and is held on Thursdays 6pm-7pm MST on zoom. Sign Up for DBT Goes to the Movies

This workshop cycles through 13 core DBT skills and each week is a new

By participating in these ongoing groups: our hope is… Family support group?Explanation of DBT?

One of the best things about DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) is its focus on practical, real-world skills and principles that you can use to start feeling and doing better now. DBT skills training helps individuals change behavioral, emotional, thinking, and interpersonal patterns associated with problems in living, like addition, and replace them with more skillful, more effective “sober living” remedies.

While keeping true to the essence of creator Marsha M. Linehan’s work, DBT Goes to the Movies combination of readings, activities, discussion, music and movie clips aim is to help people create a life worth living.

We help people learn the skills to help their loved ones caught in alcohol abuse, drug addiction or struggling with a mental health condition.

CRAFT Connect Family Support is a respectful, loving, non-confrontational set of principles and skills that will teach you how to mindfully encourage your loved one to make choices that lead to progress and healing. It is focused on behavior change that has been proven to help everyone in the family. It is a combination of recovery related Evidence-Based-Practices including Community Reinforcement & Family Training (CRAFT), Peer Support, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Wellness and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

This course is designed to help you understand and become familiar with the DBT techniques your loved one is learning in treatment so that you can form better relationships and communication techniques with them.

Recovery Is Possible

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